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The Process for Concrete Replacement

Complete Concrete USA, wants to inform about just what goes into a typical concrete replacement scenario, including times and tools used. To this end we will cover the removal of the old concrete and the set up and pouring of the new concrete.

This is but one example and other types of projects will vary in time and cost. We will provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible to help you better assess the value of this undertaking.

Notice: Times listed in this article are based on average result times. These times should be accurate if conditions are ideal for the process. Expect longer times for each step of the process if weather, temperature or other factors come into play. These times represent a small driveway or walkway. Larger projects will naturally take longer and require more time per step. Complete Concrete USA does not Guarantee any times, though once your project is assessed we will be able to give you a more accurate figure for you particular job.

Step 1 - Breakdown and removal of old concrete.

Time - 1 to 2 Days

Process: Using heavy equipment including a tractor such as a bobcat, we break up and haul off the old concrete in dump trucks depending on the size of the project this proces usually takes around 1 to 2 days to complete.

Step2 - Grading and Forming

Time - 1 Day

Process: Using the Bobcat, shovels, rakes and special tools for leveling we begin preparing the freshly exposed ground to a process of grading. Once everything is completely level we begin to set up the forms around the area to be poured over. This process takes roughly a days time. After the form is built or sometimes before dpending on the job a wire mesh is laid down to add support to the concrete base which will usually expend and contract in extreme temperatures. Just before the concrete is poured the whole area is wet down to insure the concrete flows over it evenly.

Step 3 - Concrete Preparation

Time - 1/2 Day

Process: Depending on the users request the concrete is prepared in various methods to suite the type of work done. With a combination of concrete, some form of sand and water the concrete is usually mixed as a Transit Mix that is usually brought in with a cement mixer. The cement is poured out slowly a evenly and the workers begin pressing it out and making sure the concrete properly fills the form laid out.

Step 4 - Smoothing and Surfacing

Time - 1/2 Day

Process: The workers continue smoothing out the surface using special magnesium rakes, tamps for flattening and even brooms depending on the type of surface desired. All surfaces while smooth will still retain an amount of grit for safety in traction. Once the smoothing process begins workers use the tamps to press out the concrete over the form area and cut contraction joints usually every 4 to 6 feet using a beveled clapboard. A trowel is then used to finish the surface of the concrete.

Step 5 - Drying Time

Time: 24 Hours

Process: With the concrete setup the drying process has begun and usually takes 24 hours. But the concrete cannot be left alone, the surface must remain wet. To insure this the whole surface is misted with water at least 2 times during the 24 hour time period. Depending on the type of surface desired other steps may be neccessary.

Step 6 - Form removal

Time - 1 Day

Process: Form removal is a careful, slow process to insure that the concrete area is not compromised. Each piece is removed one at a time and usually pulled away from the fresh cement. Once the froms are removed any dirt fill is replaced to prevent water from seeping down below the new surface.

Your new Driveway or Walkway is now ready to be used and will provide many years of use.